DevOps: We have everything you need for continuous delivery


Release products and updates at the speed of business thanks to technical solutions by Performance Lab

  • Continuous integration

    Find out how we can make your application development more effective using tools for build automation, static code analysis, and unit tests.

  • Continuous delivery

    Enjoy the benefits of automatic deployment of infrastructure and applications using the Infrastructure as Code approach.

  • Continuous testing

    Let us set up continuous test automation at every stage of application development and deployment.

DevOps at Performance Lab

Connect our DevOps engineers to your development team

Hiring experienced external engineers is a brilliant way to start thinking and operating within the DevOps paradigm without spending a lot of time and money. Working on a single team with you, our engineers will create synergy between the development and operations teams.

Our DevOps engineers have skills and experience

  • Source code management tools: Git, SVN, Mercurial
  • Repository management systems: BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab
  • Continuous integration systems Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Hudson
  • Configuration and support of Linux- and Windows-based development, testing, and operations environments
  • Migration and maintenance of applications in cloud environments (AWS, Skytap, Azure)
  • Configuration of virtualization systems based on KVM, VMWare, and OpenStack technologies
  • Use of containerization technologies such as Docker and Vargant
  • Configuration management using Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and SaltStack
  • Experience working with Agile scrum teams

Why Performance Lab?

Performance Lab has been a recognized leader in software testing since 2008. Working with customers in the United States and Russia for many years, we have continuously improved our automation tools, gradually adding new features and expanding their scope from testing tasks to development and operations. That's how our own DevOps platform came to be. As a quality assurance company above all else, Performance Lab is focused on the highest software quality standards. That's why by trusting their DevOps initiatives to us our customers are confident that they will receive not only highly effective automation tools for developers and administrators, but also unsurpassed software quality.


Order a DevOps audit to receive specific information about the current state of your development, testing, and operations infrastructure, and to evaluate the expected effect of introducing the DevOps methodology.

Our consultants analyze existing automation processes, technologies, and tools, and use this information to propose a roadmap for introducing DevOps, including specific technological solutions that account for the characteristic features of your team and software products.



Bring in our consultants to address any questions associated with DevOps:

  • Strategy: we will help analyze and justify the benefits that your organization will receive from introducing continuous delivery.

  • Deployment: Performance Lab deploys and supports the instrumentation necessary for continuous integration, delivery, and testing.

  • • Additional capabilities: we will help expand DevOps capabilities to account for the specific features of your projects.


DevOps platform

Performance Lab's DevOps platform is a cloud development environment for continuous testing, releasing, and support of applications. It includes pre-configured source code management tools, testing environments, static code analysis, a bug tracker, and much more. The platform makes it possible to accelerate product deployment and releases for businesses of any size. It also lowers the cost of your DevOps infrastructure.